Why LocknLock is the safest, healthiest and best?

1. The Material

  • All LocknLock plastic is lab tested to be 100% food safe, BPA free and non-reactive to food stored in it.
  • Tested by US FDA, German. (Click here to check our safety certificates)
  • All LocknLock is made from 100% recycled virgin plastic.
  • Not all plastic containers can make this claim.

2. 100% Air Tight & Leak Proof

  • All LocknLock containers have 4-side locking system.

  • These features help your food items to remain fresh for longer time duration and with highest nutrient capture.

3. Blocking Hole Technology and Silicone Gasket

  • The blocking hole technology is a patented technology used by LocknLock.

  • This is the main system which allows 100% vacuum creation in the food container when you close it.

  • This allows compression of the gasket when the lids are closed and ensures 100% airtightness.
    Only LocknLock gaskets are hollow from inside.

4. The Hinge

  • The hinge of LocknLock containers is tested to open and close 3 million times before breaking. That is more usage than the lifetime of a LocknLock container.

  • LocknLock containers are only 4-side locking containers that can turn 80° without breaking

5. Stackable & Space Saving

  • All LocknLock containers are designed with the thought of stacking and space saving.

  • They are designed, specifically, in rectangular shapes as that is most ergonomic and enables maximum utilisation of shelf space.

  • Some of our special series (Interlock) go even a step further and help you save inefficient spaces, like the tall fridge door shelves, due to their strong interlocking system caps.

All in all LocknLock provides:

  1. Best use of plastic in food storage
  2. 100% safety in materials (food-grade, non-reactive, BPA-free- all claims tested in multiple labs in multiple countries
  3. Keeps food fresher for longer so that you can get maximum from your food items.
  4. Saves space because of its nestable/ stackable properties.
  5. Perfect for outdoor travels as our containers are leak-proof and do not lead to oxidation of food.

We truly believe in NO COMPROMISE when it comes to our customer’s health. And hence, our LocknLock products do exactly that, with a lot of thought and research going into our products. (https://www.locknlock.com/kor/innovation/labs)


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