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From Refrigerator to Microwave Oven with LocknLock EuroGlass

Take food directly from -40C in freezer to 200C in an oven without any fear


Decore Cookware: Serve a decoration to your daily lives

LocknLock Special Series

With custom containers specialized for usage and ingredients such as seasoning, egg storage, khakra box, rice containers, you can store your food more fresh and easily!

Organisers: to keep everything in your home organised

Keeping small stuff neat and tidy in a pretty basket on a shelf or a cute storage box for your children's toys. There’s so much you can do with the LnL boxes and baskets



The quality is very good. It's a thick, strong feeling material. They are dishwasher safe and extremely sturdy when secured. I've never had a leak and I've microwaved them hundreds of times.

Vikash Patel

I purchased a range of lock & lock containers for pantry storage. I use the small containers for herbs & spices and larger containers for flours etc. I find they stack nicely and do not move in my pull out pantry. I also find the lids easy and the click is very satisfying - my kids have no trouble using these.

Somnath Sanyal

Bought these containers to put my fresh fruit and vegetables in. Works amazing, keeps everything fresh in the fridge for weeks! And also realized it works for packing lunches too, i can put left overs from dinner the night before in these containers and pack them in my lunch for work the next day.

Radhika Wala


Modular Design

Airtight and transparent food container with a modular design. With a 6mm high sill on the edge of the lid, you can stack the container in a stable way