How LocknLock Plastic is different

What type of plastic is used in LocknLock products?

We can hardly find anything in our day-to-day that does not have a plastic component. But do we know which plastic is good and which is not?

  • There are 38 kinds of plastic, ranging from single use plastic to recycled plastic to PET to TRITAN and surgical grade plastic.
  • All LocknLock products use plastic that is 100% food safe, BPA free and do not have any chemical reaction/ leakage to food stored in it.
  • All LocknLock plastic is 100% virgin plastic as well (not recycled from past plastic products)
  • All plastic used in LocknLock is lab tested and we have a high rejection rate in production to maintain the highest quality and food safety.

All LocknLock products are made from either of these 2 plastic composition:


  1. PET is an eco-friendly plastic material, which is extremely light and durable. PET/PP is 100% BPA free.
  2. Bispenol-A is an endocrine disrupting chemical which is seen in lower quality plastic products.
  3. LocknLock products are tested to be 100% free of these chemicals.


Tritan is a new-age plastic material, invented by the US company Eastman. It is a plastic which is 100% safe for humans as well as the environment.

I use several sizes in this Lock & Lock system, they don't leak, are easy to see through, easy to open and stack really well. I use them mainly to freeze soups, meals and even cake, I don't have a microwave or dishwasher and find them very successful for my purposes.

— Rekha Sharma

Better than glass. Better than stainless steel. Better than any other plastic.

Our Tritan Products doesn’t contain BPA, BPS or any other bisphenols.

Products made with Tritan plastic are clear, durable, safe and stylish.

And we aren’t the only ones making that claim — the superiority of Tritan has been clearly proven by third-party labs and quality is clearly loved by our customers. (Lab test reports)

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