LocknLock Ice cube tray
LocknLock Ice cube tray
LocknLock Ice cube tray

LocknLock Ice cube tray

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Icecube tray

Size: 108×88×48mm



I purchased a range of lock & lock containers for pantry storage 5 years ago. I use the small containers for herbs & spices and larger containers for flours etc. I find they stack nicely and do not move in my pull out pantry. I also find the lids easy and the click is very satisfying - my kids have no trouble using these.

Bangalore, Karnataka

These containers are great. I love the 470ml ones for storing individual meals as I cook large amounts when I do cook casseroles, stews, soups etc. Store them in freezer and microwave when needed. Totally dish washer and microwave safe as far as I'm concerned

Swathi Kancha
Kolkata, West Bengal

LBG series with Tritan lid

Safety + Desgin


breathing glass Shum canister

World's only Jar that Breathes

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