Use & Care

Ways to Use

Microwave use
• Lids should be removed before use in the microwave
• Avoid closing lid straight after reheating
• Lock & Lock is microwave safe for reheating purposes only
• Do not use in conventional oven or on hot plates
• Avoid reheating food high in oil, sugar, tomatoes, curries to prevent from staining and pitting

Freezer use
• When removing from freezer, leave it at room temperature prior to opening
• Do not cause impact immediately after removing from freezer
• Do not fill the container to it's full capacity

General use
• Do not store hot food or carbonated drinks
• Due to air pressurization, avoid storing food on a airplane

Ways to Clean

Washing instructions
• Only place Lock & Lock in top rack of dishwasher
• Do not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers
• Do not use sharp objects to remove silicones; Wet lid, tap lightly against hard surface to loosen and remove

Cleaning the Lid

• After washing in soapy water, rinse lid under lukewarm water, removing all excess soap.

• You can remove the blue seal inside the lid by hitting it against your palm like this, or by taking the seal out with the cleaning brush. By removing the blue seal it enables you to clean inside the ridge to prevent mold from forming

• By cleaning the silicone seal you prevent any mold that could be growing on/under the silicone seal.

• By cleaning under the seal in the ridges helps clean & prevent any mold or germs that could be forming under the seal.

• After it is all dry put the blue silicone seal back into place you simply press it into the ridges with your fingers until it is firmly in place & doesn’t fall out.

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