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Product Code : HSM 952/A (MED) SPICE KIT
Properties :    
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Volume - 2.5L
INR 795.00/-
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Features :
Key Feature:-
1. 100% Airtight Lockage
a. Absolutely keeps your food with fresh with double locking system
b. Hollow center silicon seal between the lid and the container enables superior airtight lockage compared to rubber or full silicon
2. Raw Material & Hygiene
a. Lock&Lock is friendly for human body and have raised the standard of safety
b. Certificates: FDA (US - hygiene test), SGS (German - Food safety test), KEMTI (Korean Environment & Merchandising Testing Institution).
3. Durability:
a. Hinge wing on 4 sides of side lid passed 3 million times fixture test by KEMTI
b. Lock&Lock is safe for changes in temperature -20 °C to 100°C for use in microwave, freezers and dishwashers.
4. Multi-purpose and multi-functional with various sizes:
a. Different types of Lock&Lock containers meet consumer's different needs
b. The same products can be used in various ways: containing soup, tea, bread etc.
5. Space-efficiency:
a. Lock&Lock is structurally designed to stack different-sized containers on top of one another
b. Allowing 40% more storage space in the kitchen refrigerator.
Demo & usage ideas:
Good for Lunch set, picnic, outdoor, children at school.
Main Features of New Lunch Box Set:
• Superior quality of insulated material of New lunch box.
• The lining of material made of aluminum foil helps preserving hotter and cooler.
• You can keep clean condition of bag since the material helps wash simply and remove dirts easily.
• Additional space for storage: You can put small kitchen stuffs such as Spoon or small damp towel into net pocket.
• Due to Presence Of ice pack cover which has anti bacterial treatment keeps food fresh and healthy.
• An ideal lunch bag for adults and working persons to carry small quantities.
• Presence of handle like strip helps to carry the bag conveniently to the office and school.
• It will mesmerize you due to it's attractive colour and shape.
1 container of 470ml, 1 container of 470ml with divider, Water Bottle, Chopsticks and Insulated bag.
Can carry curd / vegetable / sambar / dal in 470ml container with divider, Rice / chapatti / paratha / dosa / idli in other 470ml container.
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