Products Details
Product Code : LCA 2263
Properties :    
Color - Yellow
Size - 260 x 57mm
Material - Aluminum
Volume - 2.2L
INR 2660.00/-
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Features :

Delightful kitchen with sensible color & design. Non-toxic, eco-friendly coating materials used in manufacturing process. (ZERO PFOA) Ventilation structure prevents the handle to get hot. Due to the ceramic coating outside, it's easy to get rid of stains. Aluminum with great & fast thermal dispersion minimizing the heat loss with heat capturing bottom. Easy to see inside, transparent glass lid. Used the coating with excellent durability, tough and long-lasting. Product has strong surface to prevent scratches & heat resistant.The bottom thickness helps you to enjoy your food better.

Special Features
1. Sauce pan / Casserole
Transparent glass lid is heat and scratch resistant. Glass lid with stainless rim. Hard to become corrosive and rusted due to the ceramic coating which is very strong.

2. Frying pan
Adopted embossed bottom for energy efficiency. Applied the coating which LOCK & LOCK and whitford have co-developed coating to maximize the non-stick performance. Non-toxic, eco-friendly coating (ZERO PFOA)

*ZERO PFOA: Not included PFOA in manufacturing process of coating liquid.

Use & Care
* Put cooking oil on the product before using.
* Do not overheat empty product. It will damage the product and might cause the fire.
* Do not use the product in microwave.
* If the handle gets loose, please tighten the screw with driver before using.
* Please avoid using metal kitchen utensils on frying pan.
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